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Messy Wrapped Low Ponytail

Nothing is more classic than an chic low ponytail. This messy wrapped ponytail is so easy to throw up and is completely effortless. A tousled look like this is ideal for those days when you’re just running errands, but, can be easily dressed up for date night!

A messy low ponytail is chic, whether you have shorter hair or long. This tutorial is so easy, I love it! This hairstyle has quickly become a favorite of mine. I rarely straighten out my curls. When I do straighten my hair, I love pulling it back in a casual hairstyle like this. It keeps my hair out of my face all day without giving me a headache!
Messy Wrapped Low Ponytail
You Need: hair elastic | bobby pin 

Step 1. Gather hair loosely at nape of neck and secure with a hair elastic. Pull from the top of the ponytail to tighten and draw ponytail up.

Step 2. Pull pieces of hair out around your face and tug gently at base of ponytail to loosen it up. Pull pieces of hair down over ears to give this ponytail a relaxed look.

Tip: Spray ends of hair with texturizing spray to give the ponytail a more tousled look!


Step 3. Pull a two inch panel of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Pin with a bobby pin under the base and spray with hairspray.
That’s it! This uncomplicated hairstyle is so easy to put up and looks very chic! Using a sea salt spray or another texturizing spray [ that you love ] will give this ponytail a perfectly tousled look. Don’t you just love hairstyles that look casual, yet, completely put together? This messy ponytail is your new go-to for casual chic!

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Do you love a messy pony? What is your go-to effortless hairstyle?

With love,


Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie With Cranberry Sage Gravy

Thanksgiving dinner just got a whole lot easier with this
savory Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie and Cranberry Sage Gravy. This skillet Shepherd’s
pie brings all of the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner together in one delicious bite!



Sweet Potato
Shepherd’s Pie With Cranberry Sage Gravy
Prep Time: 15 min  |
Cook Time: 20min  |  Servings: 4-6
2 large sweet potatoes
6 tbsp. unsalted butter
1 lb. ground turkey
1 medium onion – finely chopped
4 cloves of garlic – chopped
1 tbsp. dried rosemary
1 tsp. red pepper flakes
1/2 tsp. paprika
1 cup of white grape juice
1 ½ cups of low sodium chicken broth
1 tbsp, [ gluten free ] all purpose flour
2 cups of kale leaves – trimmed and thinly sliced
For the gravy:
2 cups sweetened dried cranberries
1 cup of water
1/4 cup of sugar
2 tsp. fresh sage – finely chopped
1 1/2 tsp. of orange zest
3/4 cup gluten free all-purpose flour
3/4 cup of butter
4 cups of chicken broth


Step 1. Place sweet potatoes on a plate and cover completely with wet paper towels. Place in  microwave for 8-12 minutes, until softened completely. Test potatoes with a skewer or butter knife to make sure they are cooked through. Remove sweet potatos from skin and place in a bowl. Fold in 4 tbsp. of butter, and salt + pepper to taste. Set aside.
Step 2. Melt 2 tbsp. of butter in a large pan over medium heat. Cook turkey, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes or until brown. Add in the onion, garlic, rosemary, red pepper flakes, and paprika and cook until softened. Add in white grape juice and cook until almost evaporated [ about 5 minutes ].
Step 3. In a small bowl, whish together chicken broth and gluten free flour. Add broth/flour mixture and kale into pan and bring to a simmer. Cook until sauce is thickened [ 8-10 minutes ]. Season with salt and pepper, and transfer to a 10” pie dish or cast iron skillet. Let cool.
Step 4. Smooth sweet potatoes on top and allow pie to set. About 15 minutes.



Instructions For Cranberry Sage Gravy.
Step 1. In the
same saucepan, bring cranberries, 1 cup of water, 1 1/2 tsp. orange zest, and 1/4 cup of sugar to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes or until cranberries are tender. Let cool. Puree the cranberries in a food processor until smooth, with 2 teaspoons of finely chopped sage.Step 2. In a heavy saucepan, cook butter and flour over medium heat stirring constantly, about 3-4 minutes, just until a roux forms. Add 4 cups of chicken broth and the pureed cranberries; bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat and simmer, stirring frequently, until gravy has thickened and is ready to serve!

Serve alongside shepherd’s pie for an extra kick of flavor!



Top tip: Cover assembled, cool pie tightly with plastic wrap then foil, and freeze for up to three months. To reheat, remove plastic wrap and re-cover with foil. Bake on 350˚ until warmed through. Brush top with butter and broil until edges are golden [ about 7 minutes ].

This Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie is ridiculously good! The spicy ground turkey enrobed in white grape gravy is both savory and sweet. The buttery mashed sweet potatoes, kale, and cranberry sage gravy elevate this dish beautifully. It is sophisticated comfort food at it’s best. Enjoy every savory, sweet, delicious bite!

Have you made a shepherd’s pie like this? What is your favorite comfort food dish?

With love,


4 Ways To Overcome Doubt and Fear

I have a confession: I have struggled with doubt over the years and recently that doubt and fear has tried to creep back into my life. I am working through those feelings – conquering them and overcoming their shadow. Overcoming the chains of doubt is not easy, but, it is not impossible. God does not leave us to crumble under our own doubt and fear. He rushes into the void with strength undergirded with peace beyond comprehension.
Today I want to remind you that you are not alone, that we all face uncertainty, and that there is freedom from the chains of doubt. Read on for some raw honesty and 4 encouragements to help you overcome doubt/fear and find joy again.

Gain Perspective.
Overcoming doubt starts with our perspective about God; who He is, what He has done for us, and what He continues to do. There have been so many times over the past five years that I have felt forgotten by God. The truth though was that I had forgotten Him. I had forgotten His sovereignty and His mercy. I had forgotten to seek Him. Peace drifted away as doubt washed in, covering my heart in a haze. I learned through the ebb and flow of uncertainty that my peace comes from the Lord. This is true for all of us. Security that washes away our doubts is rooted in the Lord.

Doubt and fear can encompass many different things – fear of the future, doubt about your purpose, uncertainty in your job, your relationship, and even doubt that hopes will become a reality. Remember in your doubt/fear that God works things out for His glory and our good. You are not forgotten by God, you are not alone in the void. Set your heart and your mind on Him and seek His peace – You will find it in abundance.


Confide In Someone.
This is such a difficult thing to do [ at least it is for me ], but, it is an important step to take in dealing with doubt. So often we bottle up what we feel, especially when we are experiencing feelings of doubt or fear about our life, our purpose, important decisions, circumstances etc. The temptation to weather our fearful doubts alone can be powerful. There can be shame or fear of being seen too deeply. This is something that I find incredibly difficult. I like to be viewed as a strong woman – and I am strong. I am also weak at times. I hurt and I weep. I am a broken sinful human being who needs God as much as anyone else.

Overcoming doubt and fear begins with letting someone else in. Confide in a woman that you trust. Pour out your fears, pour out the doubt that you feel, and let that release wash over you. Holding in all of those negative emotions wears us down overtime. So uncork the bottle that is your feelings and pour them out on the trusted ear of a friend. The freedom and release that it will bring will refresh your weary heart immensely.



Realize What You Are Not.
You are not your fear. Fear/doubt and uncertainty are emotions that we experience, but, they are not who we are and they do not define us. It is easy to identify with our fear rather than see it as a feeling that we are experiencing for a time. When I am in the midst of battling doubt and fear I often feel like that is all that there is. I become my emotions, wearing them like a second skin or a mask over the heart of who I am. Realizing what is true, and that I am not my uncertainty, completely changes my perspective and gives me a renewed positivity!

Take hold of what is real and tangible. Let go of wearing emotions by choosing to see the truth – You have a unique purpose, your hopes will come to fruition with hard work, you are more capable than you believe, and you are strong. Embrace the positive! Emotions can take a strong hold if we give them power. Choose joy and positivity. Life is hard, yes, but it is a beautiful journey to be embraced and savored with joy, not withered by fear and doubt.

Take Time for Yourself.
Uncertainty flourishes when we are worn thin. Make time to step back and take care of yourself, even for just a few minutes. For me, listening to music or going for a run [ or both! ] helps me clear my mind and completely relax. I have learned to take the time necessary to unplug and allow peaceful ease to settle in. Without my ‘me time‘ I would be more susceptible to the doubts and fears that try to bring me down. Renewing our minds, hearts and bodies is essential to overcoming doubt! A healthy, positive outlook begins with a rested mind and heart, alongside strength of body. Foster peaceful positivity by setting aside time to relax, in whatever form that takes for you [ exercise, reading, coffee with a friend..]  and truly refresh.


Outfit Details //
Top: BB Dakota
Leggings: Loft
Scarf: Local Boutique
Bag: T. J. Maxx
Boots: Belk

I hope this post encouraged you to break free from your doubts and embrace life with joy. Thank you for allowing me to share my struggles and journey openly. I’m nervous and excited to continue breaking down my barriers and be completely real with y’all. I hope you’ll find freedom here on The Nosh Life to share your journey too!

Have you struggled with doubt or fear of any kind? What have you done to overcome them? What do you do for your ‘me time’?

With love,

Green Chartreuse Midi Dress

I didn’t think that I would get to say this so soon – it is cold in South Carolina! I could not be happier. Once sweater weather hits you can find me wearing one of three sweaters – constantly. Before the full sweater mania hit [ too late ] I had to get this little chartreuse number out of my system and share the outfit details from my shoot with Austin last week.
Full disclosure – it was stinking chilly when we did this shoot. I promptly went home and put on a sweater. No surprise there, right!

I bought this green dress from H&M on a shopping trip a few months ago and it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces. It is so easy to dress up or down, and it is thin enough to wear during the summer too. I’m actually really excited to wear this dress as an over-jacket with a pair of black ponte leggings, booties, and a neutral blouse!


There is nothing that I love more than saving money. Don’t we all love that! I picked this dress up for $15 – a steal in my book. I bought a few other pieces between $10/$12, all of which have become staples in my wardrobe. I don’t often shop at H&M, but, when I do I never regret it!

This green chartreuse dress was a risky buy for me. I find that richer colors are more complimentary to my fair skin tone. I couldn’t pass this dress up though! It is so fun and versatile.

Outfit Details //
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Local Boutique
Bag: Local Boutique
Sunnies: RayBan

What is your most worn piece during fall? Are you a sweater girl or a jacket girl? What is the boldest color that you have worn?

With love,


TNL Life Happenings // Chapter.01

Hello friends! How are you this month, this week, this day? What has been on your heart lately? Life has been very full around here – full of nerves, full of excitement, full of hope for the future. There are many changes on the horizon for me. These changes are not bad, but, they are stretching me. I am ready for change [ though I need to ease into it ] and ready to embrace a new chapter!

This new installment on The Nosh Life is a way for me to connect more with you. I love sharing recipes, encouragement, and outfits with y’all – I want to also share the chapters of my life behind the blog. I desire to know more about the reader on the other side of the screen too! I want to know your mind, your heart, your hurt, your triumphs! As I share a little more about my life & some TNL updates, I hope that you feel you know me better, that you can connect/relate, and that you have a friendly ear to listen and care about your life too!

Read on for some life updates, recent posts, and content I’m loving from fellow bloggers!

This Past Week & New Happenings //
•  Austin is in the final stages of getting a condo! We found a darling condo in a great community – this condo will our home in a little under two years and his bachelor pad until then. I intend to decorate it like I live there 😉

•  For the first time ever I actually know what I’m getting Austin for Christmas! This is a miracle as I am the worst gift giver.. Thank goodness for hints!

•  This past week I finally finished my photography portfolio! Photography is something that I have loved for many years. I have been so nervous taking the necessary steps to set up everything for my own photography business [ portfolio, email, social accounts, website ]. I am so excited to step out in faith [ with a lot of hard work to back it up! ] and build this business! I know there will be ups and downs, but, I am ready for those valleys and those mountain tops.

•  I have been working steadily behind the scenes to refine the categories here on The Nosh Life. Hopefully all of those categories will be updated by the end of the week!

• I had my hair colored – It is now a warm shade of copper/red. I am a ginger and I love it! Can’t wait to debut these rosy locks on Instagram. #gingershavemorefun

• I used to do an update post very much like this. I pulled away from it because I never felt like I had a handle on how to best share snippets of what goes on behind the blog/what happens outside of blog posts. Now I feel like I have a solid vision for this series and I am excited to share new chapters with you!

• I have struggled with doubt over the years and recently that doubt has tried to creep back into my life. I am working through those feelings, conquering them, and overcoming their shadow. As I do, I am putting together a post about overcoming the chains of doubt. Keep an eye out for it this week!

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Favorites Posts This Month //
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Words For The Road //
“We always lose when we evaluate ourselves according to someone else’s ideas or standards. We have to forget about what people say or think, and recognize that God’s values are the only important ones.”

What’s going on in your life right now? Anything new? What has been on your heart lately? Let’s talk in the comments!

With so much love,

Building A Solid Foundation For Marriage [ 4 Tips For Cultivating Your Relationship ]


Happy Friday! This week has been so special. This past Saturday Austin and I celebrated a milestone in our relationship. We celebrated our ‘almost engagement’ with chai tea lattes & mochaccinos, and a fun afternoon in the most wonderful market/eatery. We’re cheesy, I know! As old fashioned as it may seem, we have been waiting to take the next step in our relationship until Austin spoke to my father and received his blessing to move forward. I am twenty-five years old and I waited for my dad’s approval to get engaged. I am not embarrassed or ashamed of it. I know not everyone will agree with the route that we have taken. We took it though because it was right for us. It feels like it has taken a lifetime to get to this point, but, we are finally here and we could not be more excited! I am now crossing off each day that passes and pleading for engagement day hints! Austin hasn’t broken yet, but, I’ll squeeze some details out of him eventually 😉

As sweet as our relationship is, it is not always a smooth road. Over the course of our almost three year relationship we have weathered disappointments, pain, and hurt. Those things are simply a part of life, and a part of a relationship. You cannot have the triumph without the struggle.


Today I want to share a few of the ways that Austin and I continue to cultivate our relationship and lay down a solid foundation for our future marriage.

Communicate Openly. 
Communicating clearly and openly is such a huge part of cultivating peace and stability in a relationship. Austin has shown me this through his own example of openness and transparency. Being able to share your heart and mind without restriction builds trust and maintains closeness. I am a work in progress in this area – I am naturally like a vault, my thoughts and feelings are locked securely away. It takes a lot to get me to open up – but that’s the point, relationships are works in progress. They [ we ] never reach a point of being finished. Talk to each other, continue to work out the kinks, and continue to learn about each others hopes, dreams, and fears.

Pray With & For Each Other Daily. 
Praying together is a habit that Austin and I have laid down in the evenings. Whether it is praise or petition, we get down on our knees every evening and pray together. Austin took a leadership role in establishing this as a habit of our relationship. I am so glad that he did! One of the best ways that you can love each other is to pray for each other. Prayer has power – it has the power to sustain and transform your relationship [ married, engaged, or courting ].


Respect x Love.
Men and women are different. No surprise there! We feel loved in different ways. As women, we feel loved through tender words, sweet touches, and thoughtful actions. Men equate respect and appreciation with love. Make a man feel respected and he’ll lasso the moon for you. This is something that I have to remind myself about frequently. I often have to stop, re-evaluate if my words sound discounting or unappreciative, and take the initiative to ensure that Austin knows how much I appreciate his hard work, his leadership, and his purposeful loving actions toward me. Recognizing these differences and purposing to love each other according to each others unique needs is so important in creating a marriage foundation that is solid.

Have Fun & Laugh With Each Other.
Find something that both of you enjoy and do that often! Life is filled with mundane days, bills to be paid, misunderstandings, stubbornness, and silly arguments. Take time to just be together, have fun, and connect. Going out for a fancy dinner is nice, but, it’s not necessary to enjoy each others company or have a little fun and laugh. Laughter is good for the soul – laughing together is good for your relationship. Step outside the box – go bowling, explore the city on foot [ if you’re able ], go for a walk, heck, go to an arcade. Austin and I went to an arcade recently to just relax and have a little good clean fun! We laughed, we flirted.. we connected. It may seem silly, but, sometimes it’s the seemingly silly things that release you, even for just an hour, from the stresses of life; allowing you to laugh, to relax, and to connect with each other.


Life is messy, friends. Sometimes we simple fail. Just last night I was in the car, riding to church with Austin, and I was anything but loving or open. I was a complete grump. I sat in my seat, staring out of the window, refusing to speak or be open about my day. I am so thankful for Austin’s patience when my sinful nature rears its ugly head. He patiently loved me through those moments with understanding, even though he was frustrated. Let’s face it, he had every right to be!

We don’t have to perfect to have a successful relationship/marriage. We just have to be real, to be patient, to forgive when there is no apology, to seek God, to laugh, and to passionately pursue each other with a heart of unconditional love and commitment.

What ways do you cultivate your relationship [ married or otherwise ]? Any tips that your would share to build a strong foundation for marriage?

With love,


Easy Messy Twist Updo Hairstyle

When it comes to messy twisted updo hairstyles it doesn’t get easier than this one. This effortless modern romantic updo only takes two minutes to put up! How easy is that? When I’m running around with no extra time, I turn to this hairstyle. It is a lifesaver!
Messy Twist Updo Hairstyle
You Need: bobby pins  |  hairspray
I am all about messy top knots, but, some days you need to feel a little more put together. Messy updos are the perfect solution for those days when your hair just won’t cooperate and you need to look a little less like you just rolled out of bed. We’ve all been there, am I right!?

Step 1. Start with clean, or lived in, iron curled hair. Rough up the curls with your fingers and apply hairspray to the roots for lift and texture.

Tip: if your hair is ‘lived in’ switch out the hairspray for dry shampoo.


Step 2. Pull hair up as though you are pulling it into a ponytail. Twist the ‘ponytail’ and pin the underneath with bobby pins – Allow the tail to cascade down.


Step 3. Tuck and pin the ends of the tail with bobby pins.

Tip: this is where you can have a little fun. Grab pieces of the tail and pin them in different places to create texture. You can twist the ends before pinning for more visual interest!


Step 4. Spray, spray, spray! Spray hair generously with hairspray to lock in this style.

Tip: you can soften this hairstyle even more by pulling out wispy hairs near your ears. Or leave a portion of curled hair out in the front for a dramatic profile!


That’s all there is to it! This messy twist hairstyle is so simple. It is ideal for those days when you are short on time, but, you want to look put together. Add a shimmery beret to elevate this updo hairstyle, making it perfect for a night out or a holiday party!

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What hairstyle is your lifesaver when you’re short on time? Have you tried a messy twist hairstyle like this? What is your go-to for dressing up a simple updo?

With love,

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