4 Crucial Tips For No Fuss Curly Hair Care

Let’s talk hair. My coily curls like to deflate in humidity, frizz when there’s static in the air, and form into dreadlocks for no apparent reason! It’s madness I tell you! Madness! Curly hair, whether it’s fine or thick, can take on a life of its own, and before you know it you look like Merida from Brave. With a little tender love and care, your curls will be your best friend – your bouncy, coily, voluminous best friend!
The Right Shampoo & Conditioner

The key to swoon worthy curls is nourishing your hair properly, first from the inside [ eat those veggies, girl! ], and then from the outside. Take a stroll down the hair care aisle and you’ll see an endless array of products promising you the shiniest, thickest, most voluminous hair of your life. As alluring as all of that sounds, the claims made on that bottle of shampoo or conditioner are one size fits all and that simply won’t cut it. Why? Because that hair care system isn’t designed for your hair.

Hair care isn’t a catch all. Your curly strands are unique and they need to be cared for with attention to what they need to be fully nourished and strengthened. My curls had become dry, deflated, and felt heavy after washing, and so I turned to Function Of Beauty hair care as a last resort. My customized shampoo and conditioner from Function Of Beauty restored my curls, and revived my hair’s bounce, shine, and texture. What started as a last resort ended up being a life saver, or hair saver!


So how does this hair care system work? Function Of Beauty uses three simple quizzes to learn a bit about your locks, and then they create your custom shampoo and conditioner based on the information that you provide.

It goes a bit like this: Build hair profile by choosing hair type and structure > Select hair goals > Personalize color, scent, and name. It is an easily system that helps their team determine what needs to go into your shampoo and conditioner so that your hair gets the most out of the hair care system. The result is a shampoo and conditioner that is as unique as you/your hair. Say bye felicia to generic catch all hair care!

|| Build your own hair profile here and start nourishing those locks!

Skip The Towel Dry
Towel drying curly hair pretty much guarantees a head full of frizz. Grab a 100% cotton t-shirt instead and gently scrunch curls to get any excess water out. The cotton t-shirt will pull out the excess water and help shape curls before drying.
Cool-Air Double Drying
This sounds a little funky, but, it is the most effective way to dry curls so that they retain a tight curl all day. This method of drying is simple and is a form of setting.
The easiest way to double dry your hair with cool air is to set up a small table fan a couple of feet away from where you are drying your hair – set it on its low/medium speed setting and let the cool air gently blow around your hair while blow drying your hair with a diffuser. As you work around your head with a blowdryer/diffuser combo the cool air from the fan cools down the heated curls and not only helps them dry faster, but, sets the curls! This method of drying should cut about 5 minutes off of your hair drying routine. The time can differ slightly depending on how thick your hair is.
|| Bonus: This hair drying method works for all types of hair! Straight, wavy, fine, thick.. you name it! Drying hair this way will shorten the drying time and lock in whatever style you choose.
Aloe & Coconut Hair Mask 
Curly hair, because of its structure, tends to be dryer and needs more conditioning than other textures. A simple hair mask can do wonders to help remedy curls in need of moisture! Combine aloe vera gel and coconut oil to create a simple hair mask that will leave your curls conditioned and smooth!
Combine 1 tablespoon each of aloe vera gel and coconut oil to create this hair nourishing mask. Add a pinch of cinnamon, or 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil for a wonderful scent. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may need to increase the amount of aloe and coconut oil.
Facts: Aloe vera contains enzymes that repair hair, promote hair growth, and deeply condition hair. Aloe vera has a chemical makeup very similar to keratin – it rejuvenates hair, prevents breakage, and gives it more elasticity. Coconut oil’s vitamins and essential fatty acids nourish the scalp and condition hair, leaving it softer, smoother, and stronger from the root.
Apply mask to roots with a tint brush and work down to tips of hair. In a pinch you can use your fingers and apply the mask the same way that you would apply conditioner in the shower. The tint brush applies a more even coating on the hair, but, the mask will still do its job with either type of application!
Hair care, for curly hair and all other types of hair, doesn’t have to be a struggle. With easy tips and tricks like these your hair care routine can be simple and down right fun! Use natural hair masks and a shampoo & conditioner that is designed to work for your hair, and use styling shortcuts and time savers that work for your life! Most importantly, embrace your hair! Love it for its frizzy days and for its ‘take on the town’ days. Love your mane, girls!
What is your number one hair care tip/trick? Have you tried any of these tricks before? What is the biggest struggle you have with hair care? Let’s talk hair in the comments!
Have a beautiful day,

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  1. This article on curly hair care tips is really impressive. Each point goes into a lot of depth which can provide lots of good tips for women looking for hair care advice. I really like the point about choosing “The Right Shampoo & Conditioner” as this is important for women to find the ideal products for their own hair.

  2. Thanks for sharing the information, I am indeed looking for information about this hair. Looks like I found good information on this article. Nice website 🙂

  3. I have been insecure for years over my natural texture, and with your post, I can say that I’ve been rocking my natural curls! I’ve straightened and blow-dried my hair for the last 7 years.

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