4 Ways To Overcome Doubt and Fear

I have a confession: I have struggled with doubt over the years and recently that doubt and fear has tried to creep back into my life. I am working through those feelings – conquering them and overcoming their shadow. Overcoming the chains of doubt is not easy, but, it is not impossible. God does not leave us to crumble under our own doubt and fear. He rushes into the void with strength undergirded with peace beyond comprehension.
Today I want to remind you that you are not alone, that we all face uncertainty, and that there is freedom from the chains of doubt. Read on for some raw honesty and 4 encouragements to help you overcome doubt/fear and find joy again.

Gain Perspective.
Overcoming doubt starts with our perspective about God; who He is, what He has done for us, and what He continues to do. There have been so many times over the past five years that I have felt forgotten by God. The truth though was that I had forgotten Him. I had forgotten His sovereignty and His mercy. I had forgotten to seek Him. Peace drifted away as doubt washed in, covering my heart in a haze. I learned through the ebb and flow of uncertainty that my peace comes from the Lord. This is true for all of us. Security that washes away our doubts is rooted in the Lord.

Doubt and fear can encompass many different things – fear of the future, doubt about your purpose, uncertainty in your job, your relationship, and even doubt that hopes will become a reality. Remember in your doubt/fear that God works things out for His glory and our good. You are not forgotten by God, you are not alone in the void. Set your heart and your mind on Him and seek His peace – You will find it in abundance.


Confide In Someone.
This is such a difficult thing to do [ at least it is for me ], but, it is an important step to take in dealing with doubt. So often we bottle up what we feel, especially when we are experiencing feelings of doubt or fear about our life, our purpose, important decisions, circumstances etc. The temptation to weather our fearful doubts alone can be powerful. There can be shame or fear of being seen too deeply. This is something that I find incredibly difficult. I like to be viewed as a strong woman – and I am strong. I am also weak at times. I hurt and I weep. I am a broken sinful human being who needs God as much as anyone else.

Overcoming doubt and fear begins with letting someone else in. Confide in a woman that you trust. Pour out your fears, pour out the doubt that you feel, and let that release wash over you. Holding in all of those negative emotions wears us down overtime. So uncork the bottle that is your feelings and pour them out on the trusted ear of a friend. The freedom and release that it will bring will refresh your weary heart immensely.



Realize What You Are Not.
You are not your fear. Fear/doubt and uncertainty are emotions that we experience, but, they are not who we are and they do not define us. It is easy to identify with our fear rather than see it as a feeling that we are experiencing for a time. When I am in the midst of battling doubt and fear I often feel like that is all that there is. I become my emotions, wearing them like a second skin or a mask over the heart of who I am. Realizing what is true, and that I am not my uncertainty, completely changes my perspective and gives me a renewed positivity!

Take hold of what is real and tangible. Let go of wearing emotions by choosing to see the truth – You have a unique purpose, your hopes will come to fruition with hard work, you are more capable than you believe, and you are strong. Embrace the positive! Emotions can take a strong hold if we give them power. Choose joy and positivity. Life is hard, yes, but it is a beautiful journey to be embraced and savored with joy, not withered by fear and doubt.

Take Time for Yourself.
Uncertainty flourishes when we are worn thin. Make time to step back and take care of yourself, even for just a few minutes. For me, listening to music or going for a run [ or both! ] helps me clear my mind and completely relax. I have learned to take the time necessary to unplug and allow peaceful ease to settle in. Without my ‘me time‘ I would be more susceptible to the doubts and fears that try to bring me down. Renewing our minds, hearts and bodies is essential to overcoming doubt! A healthy, positive outlook begins with a rested mind and heart, alongside strength of body. Foster peaceful positivity by setting aside time to relax, in whatever form that takes for you [ exercise, reading, coffee with a friend..]  and truly refresh.


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I hope this post encouraged you to break free from your doubts and embrace life with joy. Thank you for allowing me to share my struggles and journey openly. I’m nervous and excited to continue breaking down my barriers and be completely real with y’all. I hope you’ll find freedom here on The Nosh Life to share your journey too!

Have you struggled with doubt or fear of any kind? What have you done to overcome them? What do you do for your ‘me time’?

With love,

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