Kitchen Essentials: Outfitting Your First Kitchen With Calphalon

Hey babes! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. A whole new week is here which means I am that much closer to marrying the love of my life! [ I have a count down and I’m not ashamed of it! ]

When Austin and I first got engaged I wasted no time making our registry. I spent hours choosing each pretty item for my soon to be new kitchen and felt quite satisfied with the finished result. Once my engagement bliss settled down I realized that some kitchen essentials were missing. Namely, the right cookware and bakeware! ¬†I adore cooking, and baking especially [ proof, proof, and more proof ūüėȬ†]. Outfitting our kitchen with the right tools for creating the best dinners and treats is so important to me and Austin.¬†Cooking together is one our favorite activities to do as a couple! It is important to us that we have the highest quality cookware and bakeware on our wedding registry so¬†we can create the best possible results in our kitchen.


Creating a wedding registry is.. stressful. Am I the only one that completely stressed over that?! There are so many little things that are easy to forget to put on the registry. The bigger more essential items can be difficult to narrow down. When it comes to cooking fantastic meals, you need to start with fantastic cookware РPlain and simple. Starting with quality bakeware and cookware is key to coxing out the most delicious flavors from your food. I chose to outfit my first kitchen with Calphalon because I know that it provides me with the highest quality tools, that are expertly crafted and designed, to bring the best out of every meal, which is so important for me and Austin as we look to have the best cookware!


So what should be on your wedding registry? I have narrowed down the most essential cookeware and bakeware item that you need in your kitchen! These pieces are a great base to build off of. Many of these items can be added to your wedding registry in sets – making your life that much easier!

Essential Cookware

First things first: the cookware [ because you can’t have dessert without having dinner first.. or can you? ]. Great results in the kitchen start with quality¬†cooking tools. Selecting quality cookware is the ultimate way to build a kitchen collection that will encourage time together and inspire great tastes!

A starter kitchen, or any kitchen for that matter, should have these essential cookware items:

  • 1 8qt stock pot
  • 1 5qt dutch oven
  • 1 large¬†sauce pan
  • 1 medium sauce pan
  • 1 12in omelette pan
  • 1 10in omelette pan

These basic pots and pans will become your lifeline in the kitchen. Every delectable dish will start in one of them and come together in chef quality dinners for you and your partner! The Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 12-piece Cookware Set is a great starter set for to put on your wedding registry.


Essential Bakeware

I am a sugar girl!¬†Desserts are my jam. I’ve never met a baked good that I didn’t like! Baking is a precise art; it takes thought and care to bake a cake well. The right ingredients and the right pan can produce some insanely good desserts! Creating the best treats begins with the tools you use to make them.

Every kitchen should be outfitted with these essential bakeware items:

  • 2 round cake pans
  • 1 square baking pan
  • 1 muffin pan
  • 1 large baking sheet
  • 1 small baking sheet
  • cooling rack

You can make life in the kitchen even easier if you opt for Calphalon’s Signature Nonstick Bakeware 6-Piece Set, and skip greasing the pan before you bake.


Good Cutlery

I absolutely cannot survive in the kitchen without a good set of cutlery. Knife cuts matter, babes! I started cooking when I was sixteen, and one of the first things that I learned how to do was knife cuts. Food just looks so much better when it’s cut properly. Remember: We eat with our eyes first!

Every kitchen should have these essential cutlery items:

  • 8″ chef’s knife
  • 6″ santoku knife
  • 1 paring knife
  • 6″ serrated knife
  • set of 4 steak knives
  • kitchen shears
  • self sharpening knife block

Trying to prepare/cut food with dull blades is a [ no pun intended ] recipe¬†for disaster. Make sure you add a self sharpening knife block to your wedding registry to keep those blades super sharp! The¬†Calphalon Precision‚ĄĘ 10-Piece Space-Saving Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set is the perfect option!


Setting up your first kitchen can be a breeze РCalphalon products are available for you to add to your registry at many fine retailers, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Macy’s and Williams-Sonoma. You can add your favorite pieces to your wedding registry or add the collection set that suits your needs! You can also learn more about Calphalon product offerings by visiting or by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @Calphalon!

I am so excited to use my Calphalon cookware and bakeware to make many delicious recipes for years to come! I have already broken both sets in which the most delicious coffee infused scratch made granola. It is crazy good! The recipe is coming your way very soon!

What¬†essentials do you keep in your¬†kitchen? Did you¬†have fun setting up your wedding registry? Let’s chat in the comments!

with love,


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  1. The self sharpening knife collection looks awesome! And you’re right about kitchen scissors being essential… I didn’t have any for years, just used craft scissors, but after getting them I realized they really do work better!

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