Meet Jenna

Hello, it’s me..

I am so happy that you are here! Welcome to The Nosh Life. I’m Jenna and I am passionate about eating.. just kidding.. but seriously! I am a 25 year old lifestyle and portrait photographer based just outside of Charleston, SC. I adore my job! Capturing other’s moments and stories makes my heart sing.

I am engaged to my stud of a fiancé, Austin [ hi honey ]. He is the kindest man, with the deepest love and heart for the Lord. Austin is compassionate, hilarious, intelligent, and my biggest cheerleader [ with the pom poms and everything.. Just kidding ]. My guy has quite the eye for photography and often shoots for me on blog projects. He likes to think he’s the expert, but, I taught him everything he knows!  We are tying the knot this coming February in the sweetest little chapel on the May River. We are super boring and incredibly cheesy – If that sounds like you are your guy, we should definitely double date!


Exploring  is one of my favorite activities –  it is such a refreshing way to spend time with the ones you love. Austin and I like to pack up the cameras and hit the pavement in search of beautifully sunlit spaces and hidden green spaces. There is so much character in or hometown of Beaufort! If you have the opportunity, strap on your stylish sneaks and wander the historic district- it is so worth the walk!

I am a coffee girl. Give me a decaf coconut milk mochaccino [ hold the whip ] and we will be best friends for all time! Sitting down over coffee with a friend is my all time favorite way to connect. My motto is: Love who you are, own your flaws, and whenever possible, drink lots of coffee!

The Heart Behind The Blog

I started this blog of mine to push myself out of my introverted comfort zone, to be more confident in who I am and to have an outlet for all of the ideas that bounce around in my head. It was ( and still is ) my heart to grow and learn daily about who I am, and how to stand firm in a world that judges and rejects.

I have battled chronic illness for 10 years – with no solution, no real answers, and at times no hope. In the last four years I sustained a severe head injury that has left me with painful and frustrating symptoms that effect me everyday. My daily life is muddied by one struggle on top of the other. Sometimes the pain brings me to my knees, and other times the emotional toll does. Life is not easy [ for any of us ] but it can be beautiful and there is good in each day. I like to think of my journey like this: The road is full of potholes, but, the view is lovely.

My hope is to channel that positivity into this blog so that my suffering may be used to lift you up and encourage your heart.

In This Space You Will Find
Artisanal recipes for the home cook, how to’s + entertainment/party tutorials, faith based encouragement to lift your soul, style inspiration, and beauty tutorials for the everyday woman! It is my heart to share my struggles and journey openly here on TNL alongside posts to inspire you! I hope that you find inspiration here on The Nosh Life – for your kitchen, closet, home, and heart.


With love,



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