On Being Vulnerable: 3 Ways To Face Vulnerability With Courage

Vulnerability if often the first thing that we look for in others, but the last thing that we want others to see in us. How beautiful it is to release those chains of fear that hold us back from showing others who we really are – the good, the bad, weakness, and strength. Today I am getting more personal with this post – plus I am sharing a few encouragements to help you face/embrace vulnerability with courage.
Read on for 3 encouragements to help you embrace being vulnerable.

The Truth About Vulnerability

Vulnerability is something that we often do not want to show, but we need to. We need vulnerability from others, and we need to be vulnerable with others. Vulnerability is a very important link in the chain of relationships. Without it, do we truly know one another? To be vulnerable is to trust and entrust the hidden parts of our being to another for safe keeping – be it a friend or significant other.
The truth is that I was terrified of being vulnerable, of being seen, for such a long time. Opening yourself up completely gives others the power to hurt you, and that, well, that at times seemed unbearable. The funny thing though is that I love being a confidant to others. I want to know their heart and their hurt.. I want vulnerability from others but struggle at times to open up in the same way. I have learned though that vulnerability frees you to experience the deepest love and greatest joy.
The reality is that we are all vulnerable, no matter how hard we try to hide it away. The truth is this: vulnerability does open us up to hurt, to disappointment, to heartbreak – but without vulnerability we cannot experience some of the greatest joys, and the most vibrant parts of life. Vulnerability faces fear with defiance, accepting the possibility of attack, and believing in the potential of shelter in another.
Understanding what vulnerability really means for us is the first step in breaking free from the fear of it. Remember that vulnerability is courage with tenderness.

Let Go Of Control

Acknowledging our imperfections, and accepting them helps us let go of the need to control how others  view us. Part of not wanting to be vulnerable is not wanting to be seen for who we really are. Letting go of that control frees us to embrace being vulnerable with those close to us in life.
We all get hurt. Period. End of story. But you know what? We make it through the pain, and we grow stronger. Hurt doesn’t end us. Do not let the fear of potential momentary pain hinder you from experiencing the deep love and friendship that vulnerability builds.

One Small Step In The right Direction

Being vulnerable doesn’t happen overnight. And we certainly do not have to bare the entirety of our soul in one sitting. Being vulnerable starts out in the simplest form; acknowledging someone else’s pain and sympathizing with them is a beautiful example of allowing yourself to be vulnerable without baring it all:
” I had a similar experience. It was a really difficult time for me, but I worked through it overtime. It’s hard right now, I know. I’m here if you want to vent and share your heart. “
Just like that, you are vulnerable. You show your heart, without baring it all, and in the process you give your friend or loved one the freedom to be completely open and vulnerable themselves. One small step in the right direction is better than a massive jump.
Take your time opening up.. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just take one small step.


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How do you break free from the fear of vulnerability? What scares you the most about being vulnerable with another? Let’s chat, friends!
With love,

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