TNL Life Happenings // Chapter.01

Hello friends! How are you this month, this week, this day? What has been on your heart lately? Life has been very full around here – full of nerves, full of excitement, full of hope for the future. There are many changes on the horizon for me. These changes are not bad, but, they are stretching me. I am ready for change [ though I need to ease into it ] and ready to embrace a new chapter!

This new installment on The Nosh Life is a way for me to connect more with you. I love sharing recipes, encouragement, and outfits with y’all – I want to also share the chapters of my life behind the blog. I desire to know more about the reader on the other side of the screen too! I want to know your mind, your heart, your hurt, your triumphs! As I share a little more about my life & some TNL updates, I hope that you feel you know me better, that you can connect/relate, and that you have a friendly ear to listen and care about your life too!

Read on for some life updates, recent posts, and content I’m loving from fellow bloggers!

This Past Week & New Happenings //
•  Austin is in the final stages of getting a condo! We found a darling condo in a great community – this condo will our home in a little under two years and his bachelor pad until then. I intend to decorate it like I live there 😉

•  For the first time ever I actually know what I’m getting Austin for Christmas! This is a miracle as I am the worst gift giver.. Thank goodness for hints!

•  This past week I finally finished my photography portfolio! Photography is something that I have loved for many years. I have been so nervous taking the necessary steps to set up everything for my own photography business [ portfolio, email, social accounts, website ]. I am so excited to step out in faith [ with a lot of hard work to back it up! ] and build this business! I know there will be ups and downs, but, I am ready for those valleys and those mountain tops.

•  I have been working steadily behind the scenes to refine the categories here on The Nosh Life. Hopefully all of those categories will be updated by the end of the week!

• I had my hair colored – It is now a warm shade of copper/red. I am a ginger and I love it! Can’t wait to debut these rosy locks on Instagram. #gingershavemorefun

• I used to do an update post very much like this. I pulled away from it because I never felt like I had a handle on how to best share snippets of what goes on behind the blog/what happens outside of blog posts. Now I feel like I have a solid vision for this series and I am excited to share new chapters with you!

• I have struggled with doubt over the years and recently that doubt has tried to creep back into my life. I am working through those feelings, conquering them, and overcoming their shadow. As I do, I am putting together a post about overcoming the chains of doubt. Keep an eye out for it this week!

Recent Instagrams //@thenoshlife

In Case You Missed It //
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Favorites Posts This Month //
I am an avid blog reader! I follow some precious women who share their hearts with transparency, post amazing recipes, and/or create truly compelling content. Here are a few posts that really stood out to me.
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Words For The Road //
“We always lose when we evaluate ourselves according to someone else’s ideas or standards. We have to forget about what people say or think, and recognize that God’s values are the only important ones.”

What’s going on in your life right now? Anything new? What has been on your heart lately? Let’s talk in the comments!

With so much love,

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