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As a blogger it is important to foster creativity and find ways to fuel it more. One of my favorite ways to get rid of writer’s block and find inspiration for new ideas is to get out of my cozy little nook in the house and take blogging on-the-go. Getting out of my normal routine, finding a table in a local café or bench by the park, provides a wonderful change of scenery and helps me find fresh inspiration!
Today I am sharing all of the on-the-go blogging essentials that I keep handy plus some tips to help you create your own blogging bag! #hustleonthego



Bag  |  Obviously, I need a bag to carry all of my essentials in. I opted for a large [ and I might say stylish ] computer bag. I love this bag – it is specifically made to fit/carry a laptop and has plenty of pockets for everything that I need to carry with me – keeping things neat and organized. It is the starting point to a successful hustle-on-the-go blog bag!

Laptop & Charger |  Bringing along my laptop and charger is a given. Obviously these are essentials because blogging would be impossible without them!

Earbuds |  I work much better when there is soft music playing over the sounds of the café. I love being around all of the chatter and laughter, but, music helps me settle into writing. So earbuds are essential! I have a blogging playlist with my favorite tracks. It is full of moving ballads and catchy tunes.



SToK™ Cold Brew Coffee & Travel Bottle |  I always need iced coffee to get me through a blogging session. A little pick-me-up to fuel my creativity. I like to grab a bottle of SToK™Cold Brew Iced Coffee from my local Kroger and take it with me! SToK™ has some delicious flavors to choose from but I like the ‘Not Too Sweet’ 48oz bottle best. A girl’s gotta have her coffee in abundance. I have a travel thermos bottle that I put my slow brewed Not Too Sweet black coffee in to keep it chilled while i’m on-the-go.

I do my best creative thinking when I have coffee in my system! SToK™is my favorite coffee because of it’s strong, bold flavor. It’s a full on bottle of inspiration! It is slow brewed and cold brewed [ the best always is ] and it is pure coffee with no funky ingredients. Be still my natural, wholesome heartKroger carries multiple sizes [ all the praise hands ] – You can get the Not Too Sweet, Vanilla, and Mocha coffee in handy 13oz bottles if you need a smaller burst of creativity-fuel. 


Notebook & Calendar | Writing things down with pen on paper is something that I practice often. It’s easy to jot down an idea or list on my iPhone, but, for me, pen and paper has more impact on the growth of that idea. Seeing things written out makes ideas come to life. A notebook for those ideas/lists and a calendar are essentials for planning and outlining future posts and projects!


Pen & Notecards |  I always keep a few notecards in my blog bag to jot down notes or sketch out a small outline of a posts structure. I also keep a smooth gliding pen [ and a few mechanical pencils + a blue ink pen ] in my bag. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also a pretty white pen. Gotta love that clean minimalism.

Before you put your blogging/creative bag together ask yourself these questions to determine exactly what functions you need in a bag and what items to carry along.
What needs does your bag need to meet? [ laptop/iPad storage, lots of pocket space. . ]
Do you need fuel for your body to keep a little pep in your step? [ granola bar, trail mix, your favorite iced coffee. . ]
– What power cords do you need? [ laptop, iPad, phone.. ]

– Will you be handwriting notes? What are your pen and paper needs? [ pens, pencils, a notepad.. ]
Are you planning posting dates? What do you need for that? [ a hardcopy calendar and/or a planner.. ]
Do you need writing music? Create a blogging playlist with your favorite songs. Pick songs that help inspire you! [ Don’t forget your earbuds! ]

Most importantly – What do you actually need to have with you to inspire ideas, stay organized, and boost productivity? Think through the essentials that YOU need and make sure you do not overload your bag. Take what is necessary and leave the rest!

After you decided exactly what you need to blog [ hustle ] on-the-go, pack everything neatly and hit the road! My blog bag is organized for ease of access to each item that I need and the order that I generally use them. Pack your bag in the order that works best for you, and makes using each essential easy. Organization is key!
That’s it! You are ready to nestle into a cozy corner café, bookstore, or whatever scene helps you find new inspiration and fresh ideas!
What’s inside your blogging bag? If you don’t have one, will you put one together? Have you tried SToK™Iced Coffee? What is your go-to inspiration pick-me-up? Have a beautiful day!



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